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Setup assistant

The first time you start Snak the setup assistant will run. This is where you can choose the nickname you prefer on IRC, and set up a few important settings. After that is completed, the program itself will start.

When the program is not registered, the first window that comes up serves to remind you that Snak is distributed as shareware. That means you are free to use the program during the 30 days trial period for no charge. However, if you decide to keep using it you will have to pay for it. After the trial period the program is limited to 15 minutes of use.

This window also contains helpful tips on how to use the program. A different one is displayed each time the program runs.

Joining channels

Once you close the shareware reminder window you will be able to join channels by selecting them in the profile list. The profile list lists the profiles for all the networks that are defined and all the channels Snak knows about. It is also used to list active DCC transfers, and you can initiate DCC by selecting the DCC item at the top. The buttons will than change to the DCC functionality.

The state of the profile is indicated by the icon next to the name. The icon will change as the connection is opened or closed. The icons next to the channels indicate whether you are a member of the channel or not.

To join a channel, select it in the list and press the Join button. If there is no selection, the Join button will bring up a dialog where you can enter the channel to join.


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