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Highlighting of messages is done with an Action and this panel allows you to easily set up a highlight Action.If you press the "Make an Action" button Snak will open the Action dialog preset to an event of "On any normal message" and a response of "Highlight"

If you want to highlight a message that contains a particular word, like "snak", just enter it in the message field.

The Action chapter has additional information on the support for wildcards. Wildcards are special characters that you can use to make the term match a particular pattern.

Behind the scenes Snak will interpret the text you enter in the message field as if it had a * character before and after the text.

The * characters are important as they are wildcards that stand in for any other string. That makes the highlight Action apply to any message that has "snak" somewhere in it.

The Action chapter has additional information, but if you only want the highlight Action to apply specifically to a message that is "snak", and not to any message that happens to contain "snak" then you can put quotes around the text in the message field.

You can also choose to highlight all messages from a particular nick by entering the nick in the nick field. Leave the message field blank in this case.

The highlight action can be set to use a particular color. If that is the case then the badge with the unread message count will use this color as the background so that you can easily see in which channel the highlight happened.


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