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Connecting to a server
Joining channels
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Customization and settings
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The General panel contains settings of a general nature. Each of the checkboxes has an associated helptag with additional information.

The Reconnect when disconnected option will reconnect once if you get disconnected. It will not automatically reconnect more than once to avoid you getting blocked from the server.Once you successfully reconnect manually, the automatic reconnect works for one disconnect.

Be careful about using the rejoin when kicked feature as it might get you banned from the channel outright. There was probably a good reason you were kicked in the first place. The other channel members are giving you a chance to cool off.

The "Open Query panel on private message" setting will open a panel for a private message exchange when you receive a private message from someone. Private messages and the query command is explained in private messages and the query command

It can be problematic when a private message panel opens suddenly while you are typing a message to someone else. If the panel is set to become active (not the default choice) then the message will be sent to this panel when you press return.

The “Use crisp text on OS X” option turn off anti-aliasing of text on OS X.


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