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The Personal panel stores your default nicknames, the username and real name.

If you change the default and default alternative nick fields all your existing connection profiles will be updated correspondingly. In order to change your nickname in one particular profile, please go to the profile list (Cmd-K) and edit the profile. You can also temporarily change your nickname in a session by using the /nick <newnick> command.

The default and default alternate nicks are also used when you create a new connection record.

The username field is used when you first connect to the server, and it can be anything you like. The username will be displayed in the user list as the first part of your userhost address. This is looks like "username@hostname", and the hostname is supplied by your internet service provider.

If you have installed the Ident service (see the troubleshooting section) the username is not actually used. The Ident service will provide an username which will override the one in this panel.

The Real name field can also be anything you like. Few people actually enter their "real" name here. If you do a /whois <nickname> you can see what they have provided for their real name.


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