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In the Sound panel you can turn individual action sounds on and off and control the response to beep requests.

Selecting one of the checkboxes will play the sound so that you can hear what it sounds like. The private message sound is played whenever someone sends you a private message, and comes in two flavors. The (loud) checkbox is enabled whenever the Private message sound is enabled.

You can also control how Snak deals with sound requests that someone sends to the channel.

A sound request is sent with the command "/CTCP #channelname SOUND soundname.wav" and will cause that sound to be played by the other members of the channel, provided they already have the sound file. The command does not send the sound file out, only a request that the other channel members play their local copy of the sound.

If you receive a sound request and you do not have the sound file, it's a convention that it can be requested with a special private nick message. To enable this, select the last checkbox. If the other client supports this, it will send the file via normal DCC.

It's quite annoying to the senders if you turn this on and then neglect to accept the incoming filetransfer. You can set up an Action to automatically accept any MP3 or WAV file but nothing else.

If you want to use IRC to download MP3 files, you can use the MP3 request list to automatically keep a sorted list of all the MP3 requests that happen in the channels you are a member of. There are many channels dedicated to the exchange of MP3 files, and you can find then through the channel list.

The MP3 request list will appear as a tab in the list window, and can be opened with Cmd-P or by with the MP3 Request List in the windows menu.

The chapter MP3 request list has more information on how to use the request list, and how to use the Delete requests option.


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