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Advanced commands

In addition to the limited number of commands described in the two preceding chapters, there is a virtually unlimited number of other commands. If that's not enough then you can always define your own from combinations of the existing ones, called aliases.

The Command Reference window will always display a full list of the commands you have available on a particular connection. In the case of built in commands it will display a short explanatory sentence and in the case of aliases the definition will be shown.

Many of the commands are relevant when you progress to the scripting stage. If you peruse the Command Reference you will find a great number of useful commands that you can employ to truly become an advanced IRC user.

A few should be mentioned here:

If you are a member of multiple channels and wish to send something to all channels in one command you can use /bract to broadcast actions and the /broadcast command to broadcast messages.
The syntax is just
/bract sighs.. which will do a /me sighs.. in all channels, and
/broadcast I have had enough which will say "I have had enough" in all channels.

These aliases allows you to use shortcuts when messaging or querying someone. First you define the shortcut like:
/assign BC BigCheese
Then you can use BC as a shortcut for BigCheese:
/AMSG BC Hi There!

This commands sends a message to all the channel operators in a channel.


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