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Basic commands

The Setup Assistant asked you to choose a nickname under which you would be known on IRC. This nickname has been filled into the connection profiles, and you can go there to change it at any time.

To temporarily change your nick when you are online you can use the /nick command.
The syntax is just /nick <newnickname>

Most networks limit you to 9 characters from the English character set but some network like DALNet supports up to 30 characters. If your new nickname is too long, the server will simply truncate it.

/join channelname and /part were covered in the chapter on joining channels. The chapter also describes other ways of joining channels. There is also /leave which is synonymous with /part.

/list <parameters> can be used directly instead of opening the List Channels dialog. That dialog will ultimately send a /list command to the server but you can also send the command yourself.

The various networks supports different parameters for the /list command so in order to use the command to the fullest you may need to ask around.

Of course, like any other Macintosh program you can just use the Quit menu item and the program will quit. If you have an active connection then the program will ask for the quit message in a dialog.

In the interest of completeness Snak also supports the old style /bye IRC command. /bye will quit the program and can be used with an optional quit message like this:
/bye got to get some work done.

The quit message is sent to all the channels that you are a member of and the other participants will see a message like :
*** YourNick has quit IRC (got to get some work done)

/me is used when you want to send a message that is not directly conversational. Such messages are called action messages and look like this:
* YourNick sighs…
The syntax for action messages is /me <message>

This command is used for private messages as described in the chapter on that subject.

If you accidentally send a private message to the wrong recipient you can use this command to resend the message to the intended recipient. See the chapter on private messages for more information.


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